Troll 2

It has been said that Troll 2 is the worst movie ever made, and it’s true. This movie is strange and disturbing and completely terrible. However, it is so terrible that you can’t help but be charmed and enthralled with the absurdity of the whole thing. When a family of four takes a vacation to the small town of Nilbog (yep, that’s Goblin spelled backward; did I mention that this movie is about goblins, not trolls?), they encounter an entire town filled with vegetarian goblins. One would think that a vegetarian goblin would have no interest in eating people, but that would be a rookie mistake. These goblins are intent upon turning humans into plants and then devouring them. Filmed in Utah and made up of mostly local actors, this film is sure to delight and disgust you. A little warning though, it may also change the way you feel about popcorn and bologna sandwiches.

If you want to delve further into Troll 2, I recommend watching the 2010 documentary about it: The Best Worst Movie: The Story Behind the Worst Movie Ever directed by Michael Paul Stephenson.


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