The Big Year

the-big-year-movie-POSTER-1One of the biggest movie going surprises of the 2011 was the film The Big Year. We happened on it quite by accident when the film we were going to see was sold out. I thought, hmmm… Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Steve Martin, this should be filled with all kinds of silliness. We decided to take a chance and were pleasantly surprised. The premise is this; Wilson, Black and Martin are all birders (Bird Watchers) who decide to do a big year. That is, they spend a year trying to sight as many species of birds as possible. There is also the coveted title of Birder of the Year. Martin and Black try to unseat Wilson from that particular throne. This involves lots of time, travel and money. Conflicts and a bit of delightful silliness ensues. But that is not what The Big Year is really about. It is about what is really important in life; love, family, friendships and being good to one another etc. It is interesting to see which characters make the hard choices and their reasons for doing so. Rosamund Pike, Diane Wiest and the ever reliable Brian Dennehy also star.

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