urlI love Los Angeles. I love a city that is quirky, frustrating, sweaty, vulnerable, cold, sunny, mysterious, playful, sometimes scary, but most of all, I love Los Angeles because you can go two or three blocks and it will seem that you are in a different city. There are a trio of films that I view about every year that I call the L.A. Trilogy: Grand Canyon, Short Cuts, and L.A. Story. For me, these films individually and collectively capture the feel of Los Angeles better than any other. L.A. Story is the sweetest of the three. Steve Martin plays Harris Telemacher, a rather hypochondriac weather man, who is looking for love and meaning in his life. Enter Victoria Tennant as a British journalist doing a story on the city. There is the usual boy-girl thing going on, but the real genius of the film is in the small details that make up the background to the story. The synchronized water sprinklers followed by the neighborhood ballet to get the morning paper; the courteous drivers that end up in a four way collision, the park for stationary bikes, going on a date for a high colonic are just a few of the hundreds of examples. Supporting cast includes Marilu Henner, Richard E. Grant, and the amazing Sarah Jessica Parker. Great story, vivid characterizations, all make this one a winner. And if you are familiar with William Shakespeare’s The Tempest you will see many parallels. Oh, by the way, the performance art in the Museum of Modern Art is priceless.

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