urlWalt Disney was known as a perfectionist. It wasn’t unusual for him to throw out months of animation work if he felt it wasn’t right for the particular sequence or film. There was much of that done in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while they were perfecting the techniques needed in a feature length animated film. This really paid off when it came to Pinocchio. This film marks the high water mark for flat screen animation. It has never been equaled. Part of the genius is that the Disney folks treated it like a live action film rather than a cartoon. Just look at the choice of shots that are atypical for most animation. The sequence with Jiminy Cricket looking down from the top of Pinocchio’s hat as they walk along is brilliant. Water actually looks like water in some sequences, not just blue ink on the screen. Pinocchio resonates with us and especially with kids because here is a person (?) who is trying to be good but invariably messes it up in spite of himself. In the end there is redemption, and that is the great hope of all of us. Be aware that there are some truly terrifying moments that may be difficult for young children. First, there is the terror of Monstro the Whale, but even more so is the whole Pleasure Island section where the boys turn into donkeys and are enslaved. The kindly coachman becomes an agent of pure evil. There are lessons to be learned about actions and consequences. In the end Pinocchio and Geppetto are rewarded for their goodness and self sacrifice. Pinocchio is hugely entertaining full of action, drama and comedy and it is extremely beautiful to look at, a true cinematic masterpiece.


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