How to Become


Become is a loaded word. It is usually hopeful, but not always. Becoming looks to the future, belongs to the future. One of these three titles just may be coming to a future near you.

How to Become a Scandal by Laura Kipnis
Laura Kipnis examines four high profile cases of lives gone wrong and examining the public’s interest in a good old-fashioned downfall.

How to Become a Ventriloquist by Paul Winchell
Ventriloquists always fascinated me as a kid, and honestly, kind of disturbed me. If you would like to fascinate/disturb small children, this is the video for you.

How to Become Clairvoyant by Robbie Robertson
Sorry, supernatural powers just aren’t a learned skilled, so you won’t come away from this album with an eerie ability to predict the future. But you’ll likely enjoy this solo album from the former guitarist and lyricist of The Band.


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