Summer Sizzlers: August Film Screenings

Did you know that the Orem Library has free film screenings every Monday and Friday at 6:30pm in the Media Auditorium? Escape the heat this month and come watch some of our favorite summer sizzler movies in the coolness of the basement.

the-way-way-back-2013-04Friday, August 1 – The Way, Way Back (PG-13, 2013): A shy teenaged boy goes on a family trip and finds an unexpected friend in the manager of a local water park.

Monday, August 4 – The Parent Trap (PG, 1998): Identical twins, separated at birth, discover each other at summer camp and make a plan to reunite their parents.

Friday, August 8 – What About Bob?  (PG, 1991): A successful psychotherapist goes on a month-long family vacation to a peaceful lakeside cottage and is tracked down by one of his most needy patients.

Monday, August 11 – The Muppets (PG, 2011): When three fans learn that a greedy oil tycoon wants to drill under the Muppet Theater, they must find the Muppets and put on one last show to save the theater.

Streetcar_originalFriday, August 15 – A Streetcar Named Desire (PG, 1951): Blanche DuBois, a troubled and pretentious Southern belle, moves in with her sister Stella in New Orleans and is confronted by her brutish brother-in-law.

Monday, August 18 – Heavy Weights (PG, 1995): A group of plump kids discover their beloved summer camp has been sold to a crazy fitness fanatic who is determined to make their lives miserable.

Friday, August 22 – I Declare War (PG-13, 2012): An innocent game of Capture the Flag between neighborhood kids in the woods takes on a more serious tone.

MV5BMTgyODA5MzQ1MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzYxNzYxMTE@._V1_SX214_AL_Monday,  August 25 – The Sandlot (PG, 1993): Scotty Smalls is recruited by the leader of a neighborhood gang to play baseball on the nearby sandlot. He and his local baseball pals fall into adventures involving a snooty rival team, a legendary ball-eating dog, and an attractive lifeguard.

Friday, August 29 – Secondhand Lions (PG, 2003): A shy young boy is sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his eccentric, rich uncles in Texas.


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