Orem Reads Singing School by Robert Pinsky

content.chilifreshThis year marks the 7th anniversary of Orem Library’s annual community reading event, Orem Reads. This fall’s Orem Reads events celebrate the fun, creativity, and thrill found in reading, writing, and sharing poetry. The featured book, Robert Pinsky’s Singing School: Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry by Studying with the Masters, includes headnotes and brief introductions to 80 poems by master poets such as William Carlos Williams, William Butler Yeats, Emily Dickinson, and many more. Copies of Singing School will be given away throughout Orem Reads events, one per household, while supplies last.


September 15, Monday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads Kickoff: Family Poetry Party
Poetry is fun! Bring the family and enjoy a party full of fun poetry games and activities such as the exquisite corpse, found poetry collages, acrostics, and magnetic poetry with Orem poet and longtime library patron Gina Clark.


September 16, Tuesday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads: Orem’s Favorite Poems
Do you have a favorite poem? We at the library would love for you to share with us. Join us as Orem community members and library patrons read the poems that resonate and give solace, that give meaning and value to our lives. If you’re interested in sharing a poem this evening, please contact Nathan Robison at 801-229-7389 or nrobison@orem.org.

September 18, Thursday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads: Lance Larsen
From pioneer voices to modern-day wordsmiths, Utah has a rich tradition of poets and poetry. Join us for a special reading with BYU’s Lance Larsen, Utah’s current Poet Laureate, as he shares his poetry, thoughts about writing, and the importance of the written word in our daily lives.


September 23, Tuesday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads: Writing Workshop with Susan Howe
Looking for writing tips and advice? Want to meet local poets and writers who share your affinity for the power of words? Join BYU professor and poet Susan Howe for a discussion of how to strengthen your writing and give power to your poems.

September 24, Wednesday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads: Katharine Coles
Poetry has led Katharine Coles, former Utah Poet Laureate and Guggenheim Fellow, far and wide, including a stint in Antarctica with the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. Join this acclaimed University of Utah professor for an evening of adventures in poetry.

September 30, Tuesday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads: Alex Caldiero
Everyone knows that poetry is more than just ink on a page, but what exactly is poetry? Join UVU Artist in Residence and friendly neighborhood sonosopher Alex Caldiero for an exploration of the words, sights, sounds, and other things that may or may not be poetry.


October 2, Thursday
7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing
Orem Reads Finale: Robert Pinsky
The library is pleased to wrap up this year’s Orem Reads with a visit from modern American master Robert Pinsky. Apart from authoring this year’s Orem Reads focus, Singing School, Robert Pinsky is the author of many books of poetry, prose, and translation. Mr. Pinsky served as the United States Poet Laureate from 1997 to 2000 and has led an accomplished career of teaching and writing.


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