Holiday Author Extravaganza


This Saturday, December 6, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, the Orem Public Library will host a special holiday event featuring celebrated local writers such as Ally Condie, Brandon Mull, Brandon Sanderson, Shannon Hale, and more. This Holiday Book Sale/Author Book Signing is the perfect opportunity to get signed copies of your favorite local author’s newest book, find new and exciting books and authors to fall in love with, and check off your Christmas shopping list for friends and family. To make the process easier, we’ve already started for you!

  • For your teenager who enjoys dystopian fantasy and won’t stop talking about Divergent, try Atlantia by Ally Condie, author of the internationally bestselling Matched series: in a futuristic society where people live above on Earth or below to be free of pollution, a girl named Rio dreams of leaving the underwater city of Atlantia, but she is betrayed and abandoned by her sister.
  • The Rogue Knight by Brandon Mull will be perfect for your brother who loves adventure and fantasy but hasn’t finished The Lord of the Rings yet because it’s really long and he’s also been busy looking up the new Zelda.  The latest book in Mull’s Five Kingdoms series, The Rogue Knight continues the adventures of Cole Randolph in a strange world between reality and imagination known as the Outskirts, where mysterious, dangerous enemies wield magic and threaten to overthrow the balance of power in the five kingdoms.
  • Your dad, who knows your family history for nine generations and collects classic war movies, would love Fire and Steel, Vol. 1: A Generation Rising, the first of another powerful historical fiction series by Gerald N. Lund. The series follows two families in Germany and Utah whose futures are threatened as they endure some of the most turbulent episodes in history, including the Great Depression, two world wars, and the rise of Nazi Germany.
  • Get your awesome, smart, slightly nerdy (but in a cute way) boyfriend Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. Don’t be fooled by the Young Adult label: this magical world in which people known as Epics who possess superhuman powers have torn apart society with their selfish cravings for power, is full of intricate moral, philosophical, and political issues that you can spend hours discussing. The story is riveting and imaginative, and odds are your boyfriend will be so engrossed in reading it he’ll forget all about the time you helped yourself to his pizza.
  • The Princess in Black by Shannon and Dean Hale is a humorous and action-packed picture book about a prim, dainty princess who has a secret alter ego who wears black and fights monsters. Your niece who just started reading books with chapters and spends hours playing dress-up will love it!
  • Your aunt who loves to give you dating advice and keeps inviting you to murder mystery dinner theatre parties would be thrilled to get For Elise by Sarah Eden, who specializes in writing historical romances with heartfelt, witty characters and intriguing storylines that take place in an exciting, erstwhile era.
  • Don’t forget your artsy and introverted friend who submits poems to magazines and is majoring in photography. You should get her Ann Dee Ellis’s The End or Something Like That, a quirky, sad, and sweet book about a teenager’s struggle to cope with the death of her best friend.
  • For your wacky co-worker who is just a little superstitious and always reads too much into her fortune cookies, pick up Natalie Whipple’s The House of Ivy and Sorrow, a funny, engaging story about a girl who has spent ten years hiding from a curse that killed her mother, but finds herself deep in witchcraft as she tries to escape her fate and learn the truth about the curse.
  • Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson is an evocative and mesmerizing novel about a young woman who is determined to secure and reject three marriage proposals to persuade her insistent mother to let her travel to India. It would be a great gift for your mom, who is obsessed with the Regency era and the Bronte sisters but also wishes there were more wholesome shows on TV.

If we left anyone out on your list, don’t worry. There will be many copies of these and other books by our featured authors for you to select from at this event as you decide what you’d like to read and give as gifts this year.



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