Landscape Photos by Steven Leitch

Kolob Panorama 4x6.jpg

This week we installed an exhibition of landscape photos by photographer Steven Leitch. They’ll be up until the end of January. Stop by the library when you get a chance to see these photos that capture the beauty of the West.

Artist Statement:

Recently retired from the University of Utah as a photographer, I am now focusing my craft in attempting to capture the beauty of nature’s landscapes. Originally a film photographer for more than 30 years, I now use the latest technology in Digital photography. But rather than resorting to extreme digital manipulation in creating the image, I prefer to use the bare minimum of tools available, thus hopefully maintaining a more pure photographic image.


Steven Leitch has lived in West Jordan with his wife and three children for the last 25 year. He has been on staff as a medical photographer for the University of Utah’s School of Medicine since 1977 and recently retired in November 2013. Simultaneously he served in the US Army Reserve as a photographer, journalist, editor and public affairs specialist, and retired there with 40 years of service. He graduated from Weber State College in 1978 with a degree in Art and Photography. He has displayed his art at The Schorr Gallery, The Hallside Gallery, Eccles Medical Library Gallery, Salt Lake City Wine Store, and has numerous photographs published in local and national publications, and has won photographic honors at the Utah State Fair. He is currently a member of the West Jordan City Arts Council, a board member of the Utah State Poetry Society and a LDS Church Service Missionary Photographer.


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