Author Interview with Brandon Mull

Brandon MullWhat do I need to do to become a writer? Read a lot and write a lot until you figure out what kind of stories you want to tell and what you sound like as a storyteller.

Why do you write? My head is full of stories. Some seem more interesting and fun to me than many of the books I read and movies I see. Writing is my way to share them.

5k-1What’s your favorite book that you’ve written? As a whole my Fablehaven books probably add up to my most balanced series. I’m excited to have a sequel series to Fablehaven coming in 2016 called Dragonwatch that will continue the main storyline with the same main characters. My best book one might be the first in my new Five Kingdoms series, Sky Raiders. In that series kids get taken as slaves into a magical world and must help each other get free.

What books have most inspired you? The Chronicles of Narnia captured my imagination and proved to me that reading could be fun. The Lord of the Rings taught me how deeply imagined a fantasy world could be. And the Harry Potter series proved that with a young main character and a smart, twisty story, books can delight readers old and young. My goal is to write books whole families can read and share.

Brandon Mull will be at the library tomorrow, Saturday, December 6, for our Annual Author Extravaganza Book Signing in front of the fireplace from 11:00am-1:00pm along with many other popular local authors.


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