For the Love of Predatory Birds

SOARING EAGLE-1000 pixels wide

Kids, tomorrow is a special day. Well, yes, it’s Valentine’s day, too, but that wasn’t really where I was planning on going with this post.  Oh dear, now you want romance and all I can give you is eagles. Well, let me see if maybe Valentines Day and Bald Eagle Day can meet in the middle…

…ok, ok, let’s try this. If there is one thing my days as the Romance collection developer taught me it is this: Bird names are sexy. Seriously. No other category of names makes up quite the majority that bird names do. There was a romantic hero named Hawk.  One named Peregrine. There was even a hottie hottie boom-ba-lottie named Owl that I came across. The only more common names in romantic fiction are titles like Duke or Lord. Generally, I found that romantic heroes with bird monikers were usually brooding military types with phenomenal physical gifts (ahem) with tender souls hidden under stern, disciplined exteriors. If you want to check out these avian heartthrobs, you might start out with Betsy Brannon Green’s Proceed with Caution for a tame romantic suspense read, or Mary Jo Putney’s Silk and Shadows for a racier read.

However, some of you might love predatory birds in a more Wild Kingdom/platonic way, and if you do, I’ve got a Valentine’s outing perfect for you. February 14th also happens to be Bald Eagle day here in Utah, and you can see our national bird in its splendor. Several viewing stations will be set up throughout the state to help you get a view of these majestic creatures in their winter habitat. My favorite spot is the Fountain Green Fish Hatchery, but there are several sites around the state. Why not grab your honey and make a day of it? You can find more information at To prepare, check out some fine information texts about birds of prey like Nature: American Eagle (free nonfiction dvd checkout!), and Raptors of North America.


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