Top 10 Books by Irish Authors

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate the culture and heritage of Ireland in library-style by reading some of these great books by Irish authors.

content.chilifreshDracula by Bram Stoker: The classic tale of the bizarre Carpathian count, who drinks human blood to stay alive, and the Englishman who knows his secret.

Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis: The story of Cupid and Pysche, retold through the perspective of Psyche’s older sister, Orual. Although she is the queen of Glome, Orual is intensely needy and insecure, possessively protective of her younger and beautiful sister, Psyche. Orual’s transformation interacts with Psyche’s story, bringing her to a realization about the nature of God.

An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde: Sir Robert Chiltern, a politician on the verge of being appointed to the cabinet, is blackmailed by Mrs. Chevely about secrets from his past.

Zoli by Colum McCann: As fascism spreads across 1930s Europe, Zoli Novotna, a young Gypsy poet, and her grandfather seek refuge with a clan of Romani harpists, where her fame as a poet leads to a flight to the West as she struggles to find where she truly belongs.

content.chilifresh-1Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd: In 1981, the height of Ireland’s “Troubles,” eighteen-year-old Fergus is distracted from his upcoming A-level exams by his imprisoned brother’s hunger strike, the stress of being a courier for Sinn Fein, and dreams of a murdered girl whose body he discovered in a bog.

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt: Presents a memoir about the author’s childhood and family life in America and the slums of Limerick, Ireland.

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift: The voyages of an Englishman carry him to a land of people six inches high, a land of giants, an island of sorcerers, and a land where horses are masters of human-like creatures.

Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy: Two friends who grew up together in a small Irish village attend college in Dublin, where their lives become intertwined with the beautiful Nan Mahon and Jack Foley, the handsome son of a doctor.

content.chilifresh-2Room by Emma Donoghue: Narrator Jack and his mother, who was kidnapped seven years earlier when she was a 19-year-old college student, celebrate his fifth birthday. They live in a tiny, 11-foot-square soundproofed cell in a converted shed in the kidnapper’s yard. The sociopath, whom Jack has dubbed Old Nick, visits at night, grudgingly doling out food and supplies. But Ma, as Jack calls her, proves to be resilient and resourceful–and attempts a nail-biting escape.

The Yeats Reader by W.B. Yeats: A collection of poetry, drama and prose.


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