Top 10 Swoon Worthy Matinee Idols from Classic Hollywood

Girls, I’m telling ya, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Stars of the silver screen, I mean. If you haven’t discovered the delight of the smoldering gents of film history, here’s a primer to get you started.

Annex - Fonda, Henry (Grapes of Wrath, The)_0410. Henry Fonda: How do those piercing blue eyes manage to pierce even in black and white? Try The Lady Eve or 12 Angry Men.

jimmy19. James Stewart: I don’t know if “swoon-worthy” is the right word for Stewart. He’s just so gosh-darn likable. But I think he belongs on this list nonetheless. Check out Vertigo, or his own favorite of his movies, It’s a Wonderful Life.

paul-newman-38. Paul Newman: Another set of piercing blue eyes. That voice. You can’t take your eyes off of Paul Newman. Try Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

c7fb2a884ee392ecca2ac783dbdf4c507. Gary Cooper: Tall and handsome, Gary Cooper parlayed his young years working on his father’s Montana ranch into a stellar career as a strong and rugged movie idol. Get to know his work with classics like The Pride of the Yankees or High Noon.

Clark Gable6. Clark Gable : My favorite scene in Gone With the Wind? “You need kissing badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how.” My favorite Clark Gable movie? It Happened One Night with Claudette Colbert. He’s a rascal and a rake, but an eminently attractive one.

handsome-rock-hudson5. Rock Hudson: Personally, I like my hunky matinee dream boys with a side of laughs. Rock Hudson can deliver that in spades. Favorite Rock Hudson/Doris Day film? Pillow Talk, of course.

peter-o-toole-audrey-hepburn-19664. Peter O’Toole: I’m a sucker for a British accent. And those beautiful baby blues. And the really great hair. Catch him in The Lion in Winter, Lawrence of Arabia, or my favorite How to Steal a Million.

cary-grant-young-0043. Cary Grant: It’s the accent, or the eyes, the impeccable style, the humor. So many qualities made Mr. Grant a star. If you are not yet a fan, do yourself a favor and check out one of our favorites like Bringing Up Baby, Indiscreet, North by Northwest, or Charade.

stagecoach-john-wayne-1939-everett2. John Wayne: He was the quintessential American cowboy, and I love the westerns. But let’s be real here; I fell hard for the Duke when I first saw The Quiet Man. Makes a girl appreciate a handsome man in a starched white shirt. In an ancient cemetery. During a downpour. Other John Wayne films not-to-be missed include The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, True Grit, and Stagecoach.

gregory_peck-21. Gregory Peck: Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent. And that voice! Come sit next to me. My favorite Gregory Peck films include To Kill A Mockingbird, Roman Holiday, and The Gunfighter.


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