New at the Orem Library

Junior Fiction

content.chilifresh Dear Hank WilliamsKimberly Willis Holt

In Rippling Creek, Louisiana, in 1948, eleven-year-old Tate writes letters to her favorite country singer, sharing her dreams of becoming a singer and revealing that her mother is in prison.

61AthFqYkQL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Murder is Bad Manners, Robin Stevens

At an English boarding school in the 1930s, crime-solving friends Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells struggle to find an exciting mystery to investigate and hit pay-dirt when Hazel discovers the dead body of Miss Bell, the science teacher.

content.chilifresh-1 Project BlastoffMark Kelly

Young Mark Kelly and his brother and friends decide to build a rocket over the summer when their constant bickering starts to annoy their grandfather in this middle-grade novel based on the NASA astronauts’ real childhoods.


51XDaneyWqL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Benjamin Bear in Brain Storms!, Philippe Coudray

A collection of one-page comic strips featuring Benjamin Bear, a very serious bear who has his own silly logic for doing things.

JJD4_large-cover-300x391 Jasper John Dooley, You’re In TroubleCaroline Adderson

When Jasper John Dooley buys a can of Torpedo High Energy Drink accidentally, he knows he shouldn’t drink it. His parents had warned him about “bad” drinks that are full of things like sugar and caffeine. But Jasper finds the drink irresistible. Before Jasper knows what hit him, the caffeine and sugar in the energy drink fuels all kinds of misbehavior. Is there anything that can bring him back to his senses?

9780553497724.jpg.172x250_q85 Danger in the Darkest HourMary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house has taken Jack and Annie back in time to England in 1944. England is fighting for its life in World War II. Before long, Jack and Annie find themselves parachuting into Normandy, France, behind enemy lines. The date is June 5. Will the brave brother and sister team be able to make a difference during one of the darkest times in history?


content.chilifresh-2 A Heart Revealed, Josi S. Kilpack

Set in Regency England, Amber Marie Sterlington is the most sought after young woman in London, but when she begins to lose her hair (due to alopecia), Amber is exiled to the countryside where she meets Thomas Richards. Even as she is falling in love with him, she knows she must end things before he realizes what she’s been hiding from him.

content.chilifresh-3 Reykjavik Nights, Arnaldur Indriđason

When a [homeless man] he met regularly on the night shift is found drowned in a ditch, no one seems to care. But his fate haunts Erlendur and drags him inexorably into the strange and dark underworld of the city.

content.chilifresh-4 The Lynchpin, Jeffrey B. Burton

Special Agent Drew Cady is on the mend, both physically and emotionally, as he helps run his fiancee’s resort in northern Minnesota while working part-time on the FBI’s Medicare Fraud Strike Force in Minneapolis. Chasing white collar criminals is a far cry from hunting serial killers and Cady basks in the glow of his newer, more laid back lifestyle, that is, until a young woman’s body possessing a most disturbing characteristic is pulled from Lake Superior outside of Duluth.



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