Upcycling CD Jewel Cases

Today’s post was written by Ashley, our new Monday blog post volunteer. Ashley is from a rainy suburb near Seattle and while she misses all of the greenery, she’s become accustomed to living life elevated and enjoys being in the area. She graduated from BYU with a degree in Economics but has no desire to pursue a job in that field. Instead, she’d rather read and spend time at the library. Ashley and her husband enjoy having Netflix marathons and watching/talking about baseball. Go Mariners!

CD Jewel Case Frames from Upcycling by Danny Seo

Cost: $13.71 for 30 count Jewel CD Cases, Doublesided Tape, and Mounting Tape (already had paper and pictures)
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes (could be faster if you have a good idea of what configuration you want to use)
Supplies: Large piece of artwork, CD jewel cases, scissors, double-stick Velcro

Start by finding an interesting, large piece of artwork: an oversized photograph, a vintage map, a movie poster you’ve never gotten around to framing etc. Pull out the printed jacket art inside one of the jewel cases and use it as a template; cut out squares from your artwork and insert each square into each jewel case. Attach them one by one to the wall using double-stick Velcro. Create abstract pieces by taking out jewel cases here and there or display the entire piece of artwork in its whole.

My husband and I had a ton of Polaroid style photos left-over from our wedding reception. I knew I wanted to display them somehow, but I’d just ended up dragging them with us through four different moves. Luckily, I stumbled upon this cool book and an idea began to form. Mr. Seo suggests using a large poster or piece of art that you can break up into smaller pieces but I had all these pictures so I decided to treat each CD case as it’s own picture frame. I used colored paper as a background since my pictures weren’t big enough to fit in the CD cases by themselves.


The author’s instructions suggest using Velcro which I think is a great idea if you might want to rearrange the CD cases later or maybe switch some out, but we decided to use mounting tape because it was a little easier to find and slightly less expensive too. One problem that we ran into was that it’s hard to tell whether the CD cases are straight until you’ve put a few up so if I were to do this project again, I’d definitely want to use a level. Here’s the finished product:


We decided to go for a more unusual configuration, but the beauty of this project is that you can put them up however you want (no nail holes to worry about!) We liked this setup because it made the project seem a little bigger on our bare wall and it really catches the eye as soon as you walk into the room. Overall, we are very happy with how this turned out and would definitely do it again/add to it in the future!


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