Shakespeare for Kids

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As You Like It
June 1 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
Kids 5 and up are invited to join Becky and Joel Wallin from BYU’s Young Company for another summer of reenacting Shakespeare plays, beginning with As You Like It, a classic comedy of thwarted love and mistaken identities.

King Lear
June 8 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
Prepare yourself for a tearjerker! King Lear features disloyal children, mad kings, wise fools, and a wild storm. Kids 5 and over can join in this interactive performance.

June 15 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
This week participate in Cymbeline, the tale of Cymbeline, king of Britain, and his wicked queen, who takes extreme measures to ensure that her son will succeed to the throne over Cymbeline’s daughter.

June 22 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
Othello, a Moorish general of Venice, has secretly married Desdemona, the beautiful daughter of a Venetian senator. However, he questions Desdemona’s fidelity when cunning Iago begins to plant seeds of doubt and jealousy in his mind.

Much Ado About Nothing
June 29 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
Claudio and Hero fall in love, but the villainous Don John plots to ruin Hero’s reputation. Meanwhile, Hero’s witty cousin Beatrice strikes up a love/hate relationship with Benedick, a bachelor. Becky and Joel Wallin from BYU’s Young Company will lead kids 5 and older through this story of love and humor.

Richard III
July 6 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
Participate in the plots of the aspiring English king Richard, whose desire for power changes the face of the nation.

The Winter’s Tale
July 13 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
In a brash, impulsive move, King Leontes imprisons his queen and abandons his baby daughter. Sixteen years later, he’s desperately trying to make things right before all is lost.

The Tempest
July 20 | 4:00pm | Storytelling Wing
A storm at sea brings King Alonso and his crew onto a magical island inhabited by the magician Prospero, his daughter Miranda and half-human Caliban.


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