Art Exhibit: Alexis Fryer Ostraff


Works from Summit by Alexis Fryer Ostraff, are on display in the library until September 14.

“These pieces come from a series of work titled Summit. I began the work as a response to my impressions of the changing light and color of the mountains around my home in Central Utah. They seemed to be different each day and I wanted to explore their variety and character. I enjoyed the process and results, and as I worked I was able to contemplate the meaning of the mountains in my life. It was interesting to me that something could be so large and always present, yet I hadn’t paid real attention to them before. I considered how the mountains helped me in my transition to living in Utah – having moved from the east coast – and contemplated what they added to what is now my home. We view them from below as a part of the landscape, and also enter into them gaining a completely new perspective. They are characters standing over us at the same time as being a sanctuary to us. Through this work I was able to explore the visual beauty of the mountains as well as what they have meant and could mean in my life.”

Click here to visit the website of Alexis Fryer Ostraff to see more of her work.


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