The Art of Hair

What do you do when you get all seven of your nieces together in a cabin in the mountains? Hairdos, of course. I am auntie to 13 nieces and nephews, and the whole family got together this past weekend to fish and hike and ride ATVs and eat good food and enjoy each other’s company. Now, when you have 7 girls between the ages of 4 and 15, many times the topic at hand turns to their long, golden hair. Counting the length and thickness of all seven manes, we’re talking epic, Rapunzel proportions, people. I brought up a new book I found at the library, The Art of Hair hoping they’d get a look at it and want to try out some braids or buns on each other. Turns out, they wanted Auntie Mar to try out the styles on them, and as usual I gave in to playing hair salon pretty much every day.


The hairstyles are cute and represent a wide range of looks from simple braids to multi-step updos to getting gorgeous curls and blow-outs. The girls love braids and we tried pretty much all of them with consistently good results. If you’ve got a young lady in your life who likes to mess around with hairstyles, give her this book.


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