Art Exhibition: Sarah Newell

Memory 2015Sarah Dawn Newell is a Utah based illustrator of children’s books, and has never lost sight of what it means to captivate the imagination. This show exhibits several of her children’s illustrations including excerpts from some of her most recent books.

“Throughout the years storytelling has become a central theme in my life. I am swept away whenever there is a story to be told, which is why, I suppose, I became an illustrator. There is nothing that can compare with creating your own universe with nothing but an active imagination and a freshly sharpened pencil!”

Fly Away 2015Sarah has published several children’s books, pouring her unique style and heart into each one of them. When not drawing or painting, she loves to explore the wilderness with her husband and spend time with her family. “My parents taught me to love the world we live in, and always encouraged me to develop my talents to serve others. I can think of no better way to serve than to allow my work to inspire the younger generation and draw families closer together, just as the works of my favorite authors and illustrators inspired me. If I can touch the hearts of even a handful of individuals, my life will have been a success.”


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