Top 10 Quotes from Smoke Signals

516EJGBRHVL._SY300_When we were working on our list of most quoted movies we started talking about Smoke Signals, the story of Victor and Thomas, two boys that have lived their entire lives on the same Indian Reservation but couldn’t be more different. When Victor’s long estranged dad dies, Victor is sent to collect the belongings and remains of his father. Thomas offers to fund the trip on the condition that he be allowed to join Victor. What follows is a story of friendship. belonging and forgiveness that is equal parts humor and seriousness.

We quote Smoke Signals all the time, but we didn’t feel like it belonged on the most quoted movie list, instead, we decided to honor Smoke Signals by creating its very own post featuring our ten favorite quotes from the movie.

1. Some days it’s a good day to die. Some days it’s a good day to have breakfast.

2. Hey Victor.

3. Get stoic.

4. This ain’t Dances with Salmon, you know.

5. It’s a good day to be indigenous.

6. John Wayne’s teeth, hey-a, hey-a! Are they false, are they real, are they plastic, are they steel?

7. Geez, Victor… I guess the warrior look doesn’t work every time.

8. The only thing more pathetic than Indians on TV is Indians watching Indians on TV.

9. What are you goin’ to trade for it? We’re Indians, remember? We barter.

10. Let’s go out to Lester Fallsapart in the KREZ traffic van broken down at the crossroads.
Big truck just went by… now it’s gone.
Well, there you go folks. Looks like another busy morning.


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