10 Ways the Library Can Help You Get Through the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—but with the chaos of finals, parties, shopping, and traveling, it can feel like the most stressful time of the year. Whether you’re looking for ideas to inspire your holiday creativity or a haven to escape the bustle and noise, the Orem Public Library is here to help. Here are ten ways you can use the library to have a very merry holiday season.

1. Read a book. Reading is not only fun and relaxing, but gives you great conversation starters and creates traditions and memories. Try a classic holiday book on display, check out our other top ten lists on the blog, or ask a librarian for ideas.

2. Get a gift. We can’t imagine a better gift than a good book, or better yet, several books and a stylish library book bag. If you’re looking for great book bargains to put on your wish list or to give as gifts, visit our Holiday Book Sale or our Author Extravaganza on December 5, where you can get signed copies of some of your favorite Utah authors’ newest books and find new and exciting books and authors.

3. Make a craft. Need something to keep your hands busy while you unwind in the long winter evenings? Explore your creative side or learn a new skill by checking out some of our many crafting books for kids and adults on how to make great homemade gifts, cards, decorations, and more. If you want a more social crafting experience, join our library craft group, Pins & Needles, which meets Tuesdays at 7 pm to work on individual knitting, crocheting, and other crafting projects.

4. Make a treat. What better way to embrace the holidays than to make and share delicious meals and treats with your family, friends, and neighbors (or just yourself)? Our library holiday cookbooks are a great resource for finding new holiday recipes and ideas. You can also check out our Monday blog post archives to read about our experiences making various recipes from library books.


5. Watch a movie. Our media collection is popular all year long, but especially around the holidays. Start a holiday movie-watching tradition (our media librarians would love to give you suggestions), or come to our Monday/Friday film screenings if you want a movie night out.

6. Learn more. Learning about holiday customs around the world and the history behind holidays will not only give you interesting stories and facts to share, but will increase your understanding of and appreciation for the meaning of your holiday traditions. Get started with a Subject Alphabetical search for “Thanksgiving Day” or “Christmas customs.”

7. Listen to music. Whether you’re in the mood for soothing instrumental arrangements, exuberant sing-alongs, or classic soundtracks, you can find all kinds of holiday music to check out in our CD collection downstairs. You can also find songbooks and sheet music of folk songs and Christmas carols to play and sing in our collection.

8. Enjoy holiday entertainment. Listening to live evening concerts is one of our favorite holiday library traditions, and we’re continuing it this year with skilled performers such as the Utah Baroque Ensemble, the Utah Valley Handbell Choir, Musica Antiqua, and more. More details on each concert can be found in the newsletter calendar or online at oremlibrary.org.

9. Stay in touch. If you’re traveling this season, make your journey enjoyable by checking out some books on tape or holiday music to listen to on the road. You can also keep up with all the holiday programs and goings-on at the library by following us (and seeing what our mischievous Elves on the Bookshelves are up to in December) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

10. Relax. Sometimes you just need a cozy, warm place to go and curl up with a book, a friend, or—in some cases—both! Next time you need some stress relief from the holidays, bring a blanket and come sit by the fireplace, do a puzzle, read a book, look at the stained glass windows, and give yourself a break.


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