New at Orem Library


51rAfdPzt4L._AC_UL320_SR228,320_ The Quay Brothers: Collected Short Films, AN 1209

This new Blu-ray collection of surreal short films allows to see … work of Stephen and Timothy Quay who have been creating their unique blend of puppetry and stop-motion animation. The collection also includes a new short film by Christopher Nolan, a long-time fan of the Quays. 

the-middle-season-6.jpg The Middle: Season 6, CO 18740/6

It’s season six, and as the kids keep getting older, Frankie and Mike think family life is going to get easier, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Bigger kids only means bigger problems! With Brick starting seventh grade as well as a new relationship, there just might be hope for him. Meanwhile , it’s the ‘year of sue’ and Sue is navigating her way through her senior year of high school with blissful abandon, and Axel is still figuring out all the angles in his college experience.

Peter Pan 4592-front_2.png Peter PanMU 9139

The first time on video – the historic live 1956 telecast of Mary Martin as Peter Pan.

Picture Books

content.chilifresh.jpg Sleepless Knight, James Sturm

The Knight can’t wait for her first camping trip. She and her horse Edward pack everything they need–including her beloved Teddy–and head out into the woods. But when it’s time for bed, Teddy is nowhere to be found.

content.chilifresh-1.jpg Naptime with Theo & Beau, Jessica Shyba

The friendship and trust between a boy and his puppy is celebrated through simple text and photographs of them sharing naptime.

content.chilifresh-2.jpg The Backwards Birthday Party, Tomp Chapin

At the backwards birthday party, a donkey pins the tail on the guests, the ice cream is hot, and the candles are not.


086076_2da04a91d50e42b6994674cd27dfcfcb.jpeg_srz_300_490_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.jpg The Verdict, Nick Stone

When Terry Flynt gets the chance to defend a millionaire accused of murder, he knows the case could make his career—but the accused man is Flynt’s greatest enemy. Can he defend a man who ruined his life?

51RxUJxkrdL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Negroland, Margo Jefferson

At once incendiary and icy, mischievous and provocative, celebratory and elegiac – here is a deeply felt meditation on race, sex, and American culture through the prism of Margo Jefferson’s rarefied upbringing and education among a black elite concerned with distancing itself from whites and the black generality while tirelessly measureing itself against both.

516UMFoimDL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg A Brief History of Creation, Bill Mesler

How did life begin?It is perhaps the most important question science has ever asked. Over the centuries, the search for an answer has been entwined with some of science’s most revolutionary advances, including van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope, Darwin’s theory of evolution, and Crick and Watson’s unveiling of DNA. Now, in an age of genetic engineering and space exploration, some scientists believe they are on the verge of creating life from nonliving elements and that our knowledge of the potential for life on other planets is ever-expanding. In the midst of these exciting developments, A Brief History of Creation provides an essential and illuminating history of Western science, tracing the trials and triumphs of the iconoclastic scientists who have sought to uncover the mystery of how life first came to be. 


2 responses to “New at Orem Library

  1. The summary for the movie PETER PAN seems to not be what I expected from an adaptation of the book. Are you certain it is the right synopsis?

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