Top 10 Books and Films for the Star Wars Obsessed

If any of you are like me the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens has taken over your life and seeped into your thoughts and dreams. For those of you who are simply craving more and are going crazy because the next installment of Star Wars doesn’t come out until 2017 here are a few suggestions that will hopefully satiate your need for intergalactic conflict.

urlFirefly: An endearing band of misfits and outlaws cruising through the universe in a beat up old ship? Captain Malcolm Reynolds is certainly the type that would shoot first and often finds himself in over his head, but he and his crew always manage to make it out of any situation alive. Han would most certainly approve.

Ender’s Game: Desperate space battles with alien races, inexplicably gifted children, family drama, all it’s missing is a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Ready Player One: Although this dystopian novel doesn’t focus on the world of sci-fi as much as other things on this list might is does have a heavy emphasis on nerd culture in general and Star Wars has had a big influence on that.

Saga: Epic, interplanetary conflict spanning across diverse cultures and species, politics, and war is the setting for this intimately personal story about two lovers trying to raise their daughter in peace. I’ve always looked at Star Wars as first and foremost a story about family that just so happens to take place in space. And for me Saga is just that. Not to mention there Fiona Staples does some killer artwork as the artist behind this comic book series.

content.chilifresh-1Dune: Admittedly, I’ve never read this series. However, I do know it to be one of the fundamental reads of the Science Fiction genre so….

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: If you’re not looking to read/watch something similar to Star Wars but you’re also thinking that it might be considered unhealthy to watch the movies again for the 70th time this month then maybe you should try reading a version of Star Wars as written by Mr. W. Shakespeare himself.

Jodorowsky’s Dune: Every Star Wars enthusiast loves learning about the behind the scenes/making of/how’d they do that excitement of movie magic. Unfortunately there is no feature length documentary about the making of Star Wars (yet). So you’ll just have to settle for this interesting documentary about the making of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film adaptation of Dune “”The Greatest Movie Never Made.”

Metropolis: Ok, so the plot of Metropolis has very little to do with Star Wars and more to do with The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. However, the design for C3PO was inspired by the robot featured in this silent film masterpiece and for that reason alone it belongs on this list.

url-1Star Wars Ewok Adventures: Who doesn’t love the idea of 80’s style children getting into hijinks with space teddy bears?

Cowboy Bebop: I think of this show as a lot like Firefly, only it’s animated, and there’s jazz music.

Disagree with any of these choices? Think I’m missing something essential? Let us know in the comments!


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