Research Revolution: March 2016

The Orem Library presents the 7th annual Research Revolution series, featuring presenters and programs that highlight exciting and innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) stories and research taking place in our community. During March, there will be two interactive programs for children and families on Mondays and seven presentations for teenagers/adults on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Programs begin at 7:00 PM in the Storytelling Wing.


Research Revolution for Kids

Monday, March 14: Library MythBusters
Is it possible to pull two phone books apart? Is a pyramid structure stronger than a square? Take your curiosity to the next level and put these and other questions to the test at our Library Mythbusters workshop, featuring hands-on experiments inspired by the popular MythBusters television show.

Monday, March 21: Chemistry Magic Show
UVU chemistry professor Merrill Halling will demonstrate for us the wild and wacky world of chemical interactions. Bring the whole family for an evening of scientific magic!


Research Revolution for Teens/Adults

Tuesday, March 8: Can Websites Read Your Emotions?
What if websites could tell how you’re feeling just by tracking your cursor or computer mouse’s patterns and movements? Come listen as BYU information systems professor Jeffrey Jenkins explains how websites and mobile devices can gather information about a person’s level of stress and adapt for smoother, more positive technological experiences.

Thursday, March 10: Princess Leia vs. the Holodeck: A Discussion of Advanced 3D Display
Holography has been around for decades, but will we ever get to send holograms to each other just like Princess Leia? BYU assistant professor of electrical engineering Daniel E. Smalley will discuss the current state of holographic video, volumetric display, and how close or far away we are from having the displays we all imagine we’ll have in the future.

Tuesday, March 15: Recreating Stone Age Technology: A Hands-On Demonstration
Note: Recommended for kids 8+
Think you have what it takes to survive in the Stone Age? Come learn ancient technology with archaeologist Aaron Woods in an interactive demonstration and recreation of early methods used to create tools and resources, such as flint knapping and cordage.

Thursday, March 17: Fighting Breast Cancer and Engineering Tissue with Ultrasound
Did you know that high-frequency sound waves—ultrasound—can be used to analyze and manipulate cells at the microscopic level? Join UVU physics professor Timothy Doyle as he presents research on state of the art methods that have the potential to benefit over a million breast cancer and tissue transplant patients each year.

Tuesday, March 22: From Science Fair to Scientist: Shannon’s Story
When you’re assigned a science fair project in class, do you ever wonder where your research could lead? In Shannon Babb’s case, what started as a required science fair project became an adventure that paid for her college, allowed her to travel around the world, and turned her into a full-fledged scientist.

Thursday, March 24: The Herculaneum Project: Rescuing an Ancient Library from the Eruption of Vesuvius
Thanks to high-tech recovery techniques, more and more damaged papyri and records are being preserved around the world. Join BYU professor of classics Roger MacFarlane as he discusses his research with BYU’s Ancient Textual Imaging Group in recovering ancient texts found at Herculaneum.

Tuesday, March 29: Can We Really See an Atom?
Atoms are the basic building blocks of the world, but how much do you know about them? Emeritus BYU professor of chemistry Gerald Watt will present a crash course in understanding atoms, how atomic structures are obtained, and how we can “see” an atom using X-rays and electron microscopy.


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