What we’ve been reading

Ruth: Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling: I normally prefer books to audiobooks, but I just lost the use of my hands–aka had a baby, so I am trying to make the switch. Verdict? content.chilifresh-3Audiobooks are awesome, especially those read by the author. Mindy’s voice adds a lot of personality and humor that I probably would have glazed over otherwise. I found it a fun and lighthearted book that was easy to enjoy and absorb while trying to juggle approximately 500 household tasks under the hazy “I have a newborn” sleep deprivation state.

The Atlas of Love by Laurie Frankel: This book is the total cutest and was so much fun to read. It involves grad school and pregnant women and babies and relationships and weddings and I just ate it up, basically, because I have either been through or am currently obsessed with all of that right now. The characters’ lives felt real and interesting and I was surprised at how much I related to them.

The Library on Mount Char by Scott Hawkins: Ye gods, what a book. I read this right before I had my baby, and thank GOODNESS because it iscontent.chilifresh so messed up and crazy and surprising and addicting I might not have been able to focus 100% on my baby unless I finished it first. It’s about a group of children (now adults) raised by a mysterious man they call “Father,” and they all have special skills that they learned from his library, but now that Father has disappeared, they are trying to figure out who will take over. While reading, I kept thinking over and over, ‘Wow, I did NOT see the story taking this direction, but I am now even more intrigued.’ I love that it was unlike anything else I’ve ever read before, and I need a sequel or another novel from Scott Hawkins immediately.

Marilee: 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense: the most baffling scientific mysteries of our time by Michael Brooks: It’s a heckuva title, I know. It caught my eye when I was in the stacks the other day so I had to take it home. I’ve been slowly reading it ever since, and I am fascinated and baffled in equal measure. I’m not a scientist, and I’ve only read the first two chapters, but so far so good. The stuff about dark matter and dark energy has almost convinced me to wander into the 523 area of the Dewey decimal system, and although the pioneer anomaly has been resolved since the publication of this book, at least it got me googling space probes.

Chelsea: Red Queencontent.chilifresh by Victoria Aveyard: I’m currently reading Red Queen. It’s the first in a four book, young adult fantasy series by Victoria Aveyard. In this book, people are divided into two classes according to the color of their blood. The Silver Bloods are the ruling class. They hold all the kingdom’s political power because their silver blood gives them god like superpowers. Mare Barrow, the protagonist of this story, is a Red Blood, and the Reds are the repressed commoners who the Silvers rule over. Although Mare is only seventeen years old she soon holds the fate of the kingdom in her hands when she discovers an unimaginable power of her own.

I am loving this book! There are definitely similarities to other popular young adult novels like The Hunger Games, but Aveyard’s fantasy world is different enough to make me keep reading. Plus, I’ve read reviews that hint at a major plot twist and betrayal, so I’ve got to find out what that’s all about!


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