Sweetheart Pullover

One of the wonderful ladies who works here at the Orem Public Library just had an adorable baby girl. Not only is this exciting for the brand new mother, it’s exciting for me as well since it gave me a great excuse to knit a sweater for baby!


I took a long time pouring through the collection of books on knitting that the library has and finally landed on the Sweetheart Pullover from the book Knitting for Baby: 30 heirloom projects with complete how-to-knit instructions by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas. When they say “complete how-to-knit instructions” in the title of this book they are not kidding. Each project gives very detailed instructions on how to do every technique mentioned in the project. This is especially great for me since my knitting expertise is not exactly at a professional level and I hate it when I’m trying to read a knitting pattern and they use abbreviations I’m not familiar with and give no reference as to what they’re possibly trying to say. I like it when all the answers I need are on hand so I don’t need to go buy a knitting dictionary/spend copious amounts of time looking things up on the internet.
What I’m trying to say is that Knitting for Baby is a great book for the knitting newbie who is dying to make something adorable for the baby in their life… whether that baby be your own or your co-worker’s baby.


Maybe the sweater is a little big?


She’ll grow into it.

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