13 Library Superstitions We Made Up

In honor of Friday the 13th, we made up some library superstitions. Feel free to believe them completely. Can you think of any you would add?

1) Spoiling the end of a book or movie gives you bad luck for a day/week/month/year/lifetime, depending on how big the spoiler is.

2) The larger the book you’re reading, the more attractive, smart, and mysterious people will find you.

3) It’s very bad luck to skip to the ending of a book instead of reading it. Particularly if you then claim to others that you “read” the book.

4) Everything you request on hold will come in at the same time and it will be at the busiest time of the month for you.

5) Taking a favorite book to read while going for a long walk outside means it is about to rain.

6) If you read a book or watch a movie enough times, it will come true. Hey, it’s worth a try.

7) Evil spirits cannot harm you if you are reading a bedtime story to someone.

8) If you damage a book and deny it, your favorite character in the next book you read will die.

9) If the library has more than one copy of a book, the newer copy will always be damaged to the point of needing to be replaced first.

10) Rub the little statue boy at the library for good luck. Rub the Abraham Lincoln statue and you will be cursed by a string of political victories for your least favorite candidate.

11) Roughly half of the red magnetic hubs on the library DVDs are cursed and will jump back to the disc after you could have sworn you’d had them taken off.

12) Never returning a library book will lead to a plague of paper cuts, lost bookmarks, and people spoiling the endings of your favorite books and shows.

13) Dreaming in detail about the characters and plots from the book you are reading signifies great intelligence, imagination, and a potential void in your social life.

If you’re interested in becoming more superstitious, raising the levels of anxiety and fear in your and your friends’ lives, and increasing the odds of having odd thoughts, dreams, and suggestions creep into your mind, we recommend searching through the 001.96s in our nonfiction collection.


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