Top 10 Life Lessons we’ve Learned From Movies

Since the advent of film in the early 20th century, we’ve all been gleaning important life lessons from the silver screen. Sure, most of them are irrelevant to our everyday lives, but whatever. These are ten critically important lessons we’ve learned from writers, directors, and actors on the big screen.

content.chilifresh-3.jpgIf you build it, he will come. There are several differing points of view on who will come if you build it. The first instance of the voice (and arguably the most important, says “if you build it they will come.” The second iteration of the voice utters the “he will come,” version, referring to the protagonist’s father. This was the subject of no small debate in our office. Field of Dreams.

If the power goes out, or if you’re exploring a creepy house, or if you suspect a serial killer is lurking in the woods surrounding your summer camp, don’t ever say you’ll be right back, or we should split up, and by all that is holy, never investigate strange noises in attics, cellars or basements. Every horror film ever made. The Thing. Cabin in the Woods.

Mousey girls with poor social skills can instantly transform themselves into ballroom dance divas simply by removing their glasses and shaking their hair out. Strictly Ballroom.

Always, always, always look back, don’t assume, and communicate. You will miss something important, possibly your true love running to catch you before you board the train to going-to-get-typhoid-and-die-land, or your true love erupting in anger at the presumption of the person they are with who led you to believe they are romantically entwined when in fact your true love has feelings only for you. Much Ado About Nothing. Othello.

A1T+lZ6iUZL._SY445_House sitting is always a bad idea. Someone will always die or thousands of dollars of damage will be an issue. Home Alone.

Never talk about fight club. Fight Club.

Never go into space unless you want to die by meteor, robot, computer, burnt crazy man, lonely man, aliens or get tricked into repopulating the human species with Matthew McConaughey. Interstellar.

Don’t trust computers, robots, or any form of artificial intelligences. They will try to kill you. No matter what. 2001 a Space Odyssey.

_dO1SSyPFVs.movieposterThe only man you can ever truly fall in love with is the one you immediately hate upon meeting. Because what is more romantic than violently negative feelings toward someone? see any number of chick flick/rom-coms such as 27 Dresses, Leap Year, and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Darth Vader is not the baddest of bad guys in the Star Wars movies. I know, I know, all you already knew this, but it was a revelatory moment for me when I recently watched New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi for the first time.


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