School Yearbooks Are Online!


We are happy to announce that the Orem Public Library’s school yearbooks have been digitized and are ready for patrons to begin searching them online. Family members, relatives of past Orem students, historians, and genealogists will be able to increase their knowledge of bygone eras, of individuals, and their activities.

To browse the library’s digital collection of school yearbooks, click here. The link is also available at > E-Research > School Yearbooks. Access to the collection is available at the Library, at the Orem Heritage Museum, and through the Library website,, to anyone with an Internet connection.

Currently the collection includes yearbooks and scrapbooks from the elementary, junior high, and high schools, past and present, of Orem, Utah. Several of the schools—Spencer School, Lincoln High School, and Lincoln Junior High School—no longer exist. However, students who attended these schools (such as BYU football coach LaVell Edwards and Orem’s past mayor, Jerry Washburn) became leaders and icons.

The most recent yearbooks are subject to a five-year delay from the original publication date. Missing yearbooks from these schools as well as materials from additional schools may be added in the future as they become available.

Funds for this project have been provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act and are administered by the Utah State Library Division.

The picture in this post is “Snow Queen, Shirley Herrick,” taken from the 1945 Lincoln High School Yearbook, The Railsplitter, p. 34.


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