Top 10 picture book animals to help your little critter learn to swim

I was a water baby. My dad tells a story from when I was 2. He was managing me and my 3-year old sister while my mom watched with my baby brother from the edge of the pool. Apparently he turned his back to me for just a moment as I was holding on to the edge. My mom began to shout, and my pops looked back to see me face down in the water. Apparently I thought I was Michael Phelps or something, and had pushed off the side to take a little swim. I was completely unfazed, but my mom about had a stroke. I have always loved the water, not a bit scared, first one in line for the high dive. Some kids take to the water like a fish. Unfortunately, not every kid is so lucky. Some of them are terrified of the water, others just find it really hard to learn how to navigate in the pool or the pond. With the advent of swim lessons upon us, some parents might be facing such a dilemma. If that is the case, here’s a list of 10 picture books featuring animals who overcome fears and challenges as they
learn to swim.

Little Loon and Papa by Toni Buzzeo: Motivated by a challenging situation and his supportive father, Little Loon finally learns to dive.

Frog by Susan Cooper: A young boy learns how to swim by watching a small frog that makes its way into the family swimming pool.

content.chilifreshOlvina Swims by Grace Lin: Olvina, a chicken in more ways than one, overcomes her fear of swimming with help from her friend Hailey, a penguin, while on vacation in Hawaii.

Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathon London: Froggy is afraid of the water until his mother helps him learn to swim.

Swim Duck Swim by Susan Lurie: A photographic tale about Duckling the reluctant swimmer finds him resenting the pressure exerted by his patient Mama and Papa Duck, preferring to stay dry and take a nap before eventually deciding to join his siblings in the pond.

Two Dogs Swimming by Lynn Reiser: When two dogs play at running and jumping, sometimes one wins and sometimes the other does, but until Spot learns to swim, Whistle always beats him across the pond.

content.chilifreshSergio Makes a Splash by Edel Rodriguez: Even though he loves water, Sergio the penguin is afraid to swim in the deep water until he learns how.

Little by Little by Amber Stewart: Otto is a young otter who can do many things well, but swimming is not one of them until his older sister tells him to start small and, little by little, he is able to reach his goal, adding swimming to his “I can do” list.

content.chilifreshTuck in the Pool by Martha Weston: Tuck, a little pig taking swimming lessons, overcomes his fear of the water with the help of his lucky rubber spider

Don’t Be Afraid, Little Pip by Karma Wilson: Afraid to swim, Pip the penguin would much rather learn to fly.


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