Roald Dahl’s Butterscotch

I grew up reading some of the classic Roald Dahl books such as Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryJames and the Giant Peach, and Matilda. I also grew up watching the movies that were made based on these books. I have to say that Roald Dahl is quite skilled at creating fantastical worlds that capture the imagination. When I saw Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes in the junior nonfiction section of the library, I had to try it out. I mean who wouldn’t want to try some of the incredible food creations mentioned in his books? Maybe this book would help you out for a kid’s party. Or maybe you could read a Roald Dahl book with your child this summer and then use the recipe book to make something from the book you read together just for fun. A few of the recipes included in this book are Green Pea Soup from The Witches, Crispy Wasp Stings on a Piece of Buttered Toast from James and the Giant Peach, Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake from Matilda, and Lickable Wallpaper from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Today’s recipe is Butterscotch from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is a nice cold drink for a hot summer’s day!



2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons sugar

1 ounce light corn syrup

2 1/2 cups skim milk

3 ounces plain yogurt

  1. In a saucepan over low heat, melt together the butter, sugar, and corn syrup, stirring constantly, until the sugar has dissolved (about 10 minutes). Add a little milk to the pan, about 1/4 cup, then transfer to a bowl.
  2. Whisk in a little more milk, followed by all the yogurt.
  3. Whisk in the remaining milk.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap. Chill before serving.

Makes about 3 cups (3 to 4 mugs)

This recipe was very simple, yet very tasty! I doubled the recipe as I have a larger family that all wanted to try some. I changed the technique just a little bit. You do need to add about 1/4 cup of milk to the butter/sugar mixture as it states so that the mixture doesn’t cool quickly and make a taffy, but rather than mixing in the yogurt and then mixing in the milk, I just threw all the ingredients into a blender and pulsed it until smooth. This also helped to make it very frothy. I tried some immediately after making it, and it is tasty, but it really tastes so much better if you chill it as the recipe suggests! My husband loved this recipe so much he asked me to make it again the next day! It is a great sweet and cold treat for a hot summer day! I can’t wait to make some of the other recipes I found in the book – especially Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake from Matilda! I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to try that cake! It looks like delectable chocolatey goodness!


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