Top 10 Things We’ve Learned from Books

Bibliophiles will tell you there are great lessons to be learned from reading. Here at the library, where many a bibliophile congregates, we’ve compiled a list of life lessons gleaned from novels. What would you add to this list?

If you receive a mysterious scholarship to a prestigious private boarding school, just say no. Boarding school invitation=somebody’s gonna die. See: Every book that features a boarding school. Harry Potter. Looking for Alaska. Variant. A Separate Peace.

Don’t start a Suzanne Collins book after 9 pm unless you can sleep in the next day. The Hunger Games.

It doesn’t matcontent.chilifreshter how much a polliwog and a caterpillar love each other.  It just won’t work in the long term. Tadpole’s Promise

Being stranded on a deserted island is not all it’s cracked up to be. It almost entirely depends on with whom you are stranded. Lord of the Flies, Beauty Queens

Vehement criticism of a botched first proposal will lead to a change of heart and behavior, as well as a second, much more satisfying proposal. Pride and Prejudice. North and South.

Wait for the second book to come out before ycontent.chilifreshou name you child after a literary character. Go Set a Watchman

If you find a bag of money in the desert, leave it there! No Country for Old Men

Many a screw-up can be forgiven through apology baking. Amelia Bedelia

Make your own pies. The Help

Docontent.chilifreshn’t be a sweet girl. Sweet girls never survive! Little Women, Hunger Games, Gone With the Wind.


3 responses to “Top 10 Things We’ve Learned from Books

  1. I would add: Good friends are there for each other. “Frog and Toad” and “Elephant and Piggie.”

    PS the comment button on the post isn’t working, or it wouldn’t work for me.

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