The Library Movie Game

Last week Derrick Clements of the Daily Herald wrote an article introducing the Library Movie Game that featured our very own special and amazing media collection. We’re sharing it today to encourage everybody to go check out a movie – it is Friday, after all – and play the Library Movie Game! I tried it out last week and ended up watching St. Elmo’s Fire, a movie I had never heard of but that features an earring-wearing Rob Lowe being head-dunked into a toilet and various other 80s ah-young-love hijinks. It was actually a lot of fun to watch a movie I knew nothing about because I wasn’t overly invested in how it turned out but was also intrigued by the newness/unfamiliarity.

Note: If you want to play the game but don’t have a 20-sided or 10-sided dice, you can find one here.

The Skinny: Introducing the Library Movie Game

by Derrick Clements

“One serious perk being a movie lover who lives in Utah County is the Orem Public Library. With more than 20,000 films in its ever-growing collection, it is one of the most impressive film collections of any public library in the United States.

Recently, one of my many visits to the library spawned an idea for a game that I became quite giddy about. A few weeks later (and after a trip to the specialty dice store), the Library Movie Game was born.

Most movies come to us through the filter of other people: recommendations from friends, regular distribution from studios and theaters, the odd special film screening. The Library Movie Game exists to counter this oppressive system.

The purpose of the game is to create a viewing experience that is completely separate from the recommendations of others. It may be more likely to see a bad movie this way, but the possibility of discovery makes it worth it. The usual way of selecting movies is less risky, but the casualties are greater — this game exists to recover cinematic gems that have fallen through the cracks of popular culture.

To play the Library Movie Game, visit the public library with two special dice: one 20-sided (1-20) and one 10-sided (0-9). Roll the larger die first to determine what movie category you will use. Once you have a category, walk over to it to determine the best way to use the 10-sided die to find your movie. Full instructions and the category key are available on the blog I set up for this purpose, located at

The randomly selected disc may be a feature film, it may be a TV show, it may be a collection of shorts. If it’s a TV show or a collection, you are not obligated to watch the entire series, just one episode.

So far, the results have been magical — and much better than I even anticipated. I’ve watched two TV show episodes: one from the cartoon “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” and one from a delightful British detective series, “Pie in the Sky.” I’ve also rolled the Michael Keaton horror film, “Pacific Heights.”

None of those films had I even heard of before rolling. Two of them were great. The gems are already rolling in.

For anyone who wants to embark on this cinematic adventure with me, you can follow along and even play the game yourself by visiting Remember, the dice decide.”


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