Our Favorite Snarky Blog Posts

umzygbwIt has come to our attention that we writers of the Orem Library Blog have the tendency to be a bit snarky. We apologize. Just kidding. We love us. So much so that we went back and looked up some of our snarkiest posts for you to enjoy. Here they are:

Literary Baby Names We Would Never Name Our Children: Please feel free to name your pets Hernia Sue, Uriah Heap, and what have you, but not the children. Think of the children.

My New Year’s Resolution: Stay Alive: What started as an obligatory “New Year’s Resolution” post turned into pretty much a snark-fest with extra sass to strengthen you for the beginning of the year because January is really the worst month ever and can just go jump off a cliff.

Food Men Love: This post is one of my personal favorites, and reading it reminds me that one of my goals is to insert the word “manly” into more of my conversations.

Characters We Wouldn’t Invite to Dinner: Although in principle we stand by this list, we can’t help thinking what an amazing book/play/movie a dinner party with all of these characters would be. Any bets on who would be remaining by dessert?

Who Knew Putting Lunch on Your Face Was Good for Your Skin?: One librarian’s snarky voyage into the mesmerizing world of natural beauty, personal care, and tomato on your face. #yolo

The Best Books That Have Yet to Be Written: We’re still waiting for the brave young novelist who will write Moby Dick 2. Seriously, we already provided you the trailer and everything.

13 Library Superstitions We Made Up: They are ALL TRUE except for the ones we made up.

Your Gloss, My Gain: A Cake Story: I don’t like making food, but I do like writing about my manly (wink!) husband making food and making snide comments about the overuse of exclamation points. SO! MANY! EXCLAMATION! POINTS!

Where’s Mom’s German Pancakes Now that I Need Them?: Another post that’s ostensibly about food but is really just about getting my sweet, sticky,  buttery, covered-in-maple-syrup snark on.

Got a snarky post you love? Share it with us in the comments.


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