Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is here!

This week is one of our favorite super busy weeks of the year. The annual Timpanogos Storytelling Fesitval is on, and we love it! Whether you are a storytelling newcomer or a long-time fan, the festival definitely has something to entertain you. World-class storytellers will make you laugh and touch your heart–often  in the same performance. Between stories there will be music, puppets, pottery, and more to keep you occupied. local restaurants will keep you refreshed and energized for all the fun with delicious food and drinks for sale, and you won’t find a more beautiful venue anywhere. Come for a night, a day, or the whole weekend, and bring your friends and family, too! You can find ticket information and event schedules at www.timpfest.org. To get you warmed up for the fun, here are ten favorite stories from some of our favorite tellers. You can find one of the best collections of storytelling performances in the world in our media area.

Mayhem Dressed as an 8-point Buck by Bil Lepp: Bil Lepp is a heckuva good liar. In the storytelling biz they call it telling tall taIMG_4011.jpgles, and Lepp is the undisputed champion of the West Virginia Liar’s contest. I don’t know that anything in this story actually happened, but I know this–If you do not laugh, guffaw, and involuntarily snort while listening, you’ve broken your funny bone. 

Too Much Hair by Donald Davis: You ever have a brother? An adorable, curly-haired, terribly annoying little brother? Did you ever give him a haircut? Donald Davis did.

IMG_4392Valentine by Kevin Kling: Kevin Kling is my personal favorite. He has a fascinating personal history, one that has given him a clear-eyed perspective on the things that really matter. He’ll have you giggling uncontrollably one moment, your eyes welling up with tears the next. I never miss a chance to hear him. (He’s here this year, another great reason to get a ticket and experience the magic live.)

Uncle Tom and the Rollercoaster of Death by Antonio Sacre: Sacre is a bilingual teller from an Cuban/Irish-American family, and many of his stories originate with his family history. This one is a tribute to a favorite uncle. 

High Dive by Bill Harley: When that guitar starts, you know things are about to get pretty hilarious. Harley has a keen sense of what it was like to be a kid, and his songs and stories present them in a good-natured, hilarious perspective. 

IMG_0749-01Encounter with a Romance Novel by Beth Horner: She’s a former librarian. We’re delightful. ‘Nuff said.

Penny Candy Love Story by Kim Weitkamp:  My dad tells a joke about a little kid who, upon being given the “birds and the bees” talk and pondering the presence of himself and his little sister, asks in horror, “YOU DID THAT TWICE?!?” This funny story and song is Weitkamp’s realization of why her parents used to send the kids out to get penny candy.

The Demon on the Bridge by Motoko: One highlight of the festival? Shivers in the Night, where we shut off the lights and you sit in the cool and the dark and hear our tellers’ favorite spooky, scary stories. Motoko tells great ghost stories from her native Japan. This one’s a good one.

The Trouble with Windows by Carmen Deedy: Deedy was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Decatur Georgia– a background that produces a potent mix of funny, spunky and poignant stories.

IMG_6487-01Hammers of Steel: the Battle of John Henry by Charlotte Blake Alston: Alston is another teller who seamlessly weaves music into her stories, and she does that expertly in this retelling of the famous folktale.


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