Orem Reads Kickoff: Anne Perry


There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a mystery novel (preferably on a dark and stormy night and with lots of chocolate). Whether you like solving riddles and puzzles, catching criminals and uncovering their secrets, or immersing yourself in an atmosphere of intrigue and suspense, there’s something for everyone. As the nights turn dark, spooky, and chilly, it’s the perfect season to come together as a community and celebrate the classic mystery genre. For this year’s free book, we will pay tribute to some of the greatest names in mystery fiction with a collection of 13 mystery classics that includes Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” widely acknowledged as the first detective story; Charles Dickens’ “Three Detective Anecdotes,” in which a policeman is the detective-hero; Jack London’s “The Leopard Man’s Story,” featuring an unusually grisly but plausible murder method; as well as tales by Wilkie Collins, Jacques Futrelle, Gelett Burgess, Susan Glaspell, E. C. Bentley, Baroness Orczy, Samuel Hopkins Adams, Meville Davisson Post, Rodrigues Ottolengui, and H. C. Bailey.

tumblr_m38yxuqbAi1ro2oa5o1_250To enrich your journey into the classic mystery genre this fall, our Orem Reads events will feature interactive activities, author talks, and presentations that explore fictional and real-world sleuthing, and that invite you to try your hand at investigating the world around you and using all available resources to crack the case, solve the riddle, and learn the truth. We are excited to have Anne Perry, international bestselling English mystery author of over fifty novels (including two historical detective series) which have sold over 25 million copies, as the keynote speaker of Orem Reads. Ms. Perry will visit the library on September 22 to kick-off Orem Reads with a book signing and a discussion of the mystery genre and her experience in writing mystery fiction.

Other Orem Reads programs to look forward to include a teen writing workshop with YA writer Christian Heidicker, a Library Escape Room, a Be a Detective Night for kids, presentations on forensics and real-life crime work, an evenintumblr_m38yxuqbAi1ro2oa5o4_250g of spooky Utah tales with storyteller Cherie Davis, and lectures on a variety of topics in the mystery genre. Our finale will be a live game of Clue in the library for all ages. A list of events is included in the newsletter and online at oremlibrary.org. Free copies of Classic Mystery Stories will be available at each program while supplies last, starting with the kickoff on September 22.

The library wishes to thank the Utah Humanities Book Festival and community partners UVU and BYU for helping to create and continue the Orem Reads series. This series has received support and funding from the Utah Humanities Council, which promotes understanding of diverse traditions, values, and ideas through informed public discussion.



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