Getting to Know Us: Emma

1. In Woody Allen’s short story The Kugelmass Episode, the protagonist discovers a magic cabinet that will allow him to visit his favorite books.  Using this cabinet, which books would you absolutely visit?  which would you avoid?
2. If you could be a famous author for a day, who would you choose?  Why?

Toni Morrison. I want to gain a different perspective than my own, she’s so talented, and she seems like she wouldn’t mind me being her.

3. What is your favorite question to answer at the library?  Least favorite question?
I love when people ask where something is and I automatically know the answer. I don’t like when people ask how much they can check out because I feel we’ve failed them if they don’t know.
4. What do you love about working at the library?
Organizing books and DVDs is what I do at home for fun!
5. What book helped you learn to love reading?

Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I’ve read it 17 times!

6. If you had to live in a section of the library, which section would you choose?

Media. There’s music, comfy chairs, and I could read the cases all day.

7. How many members of your family (including pets) have you named after characters in books?
Just me! My middle name, Leigh, comes from Dear Mr. Henshaw.
8. In order to save the world from the impending apocalypse, all but three novels must be sacrificed to the zombies; which three novels do you save?

The Brothers Karamazov, The Book Thief, and… I can’t choose!

9. What is your favorite quote about books and/or reading?

I don’t really have one…

10. Favorite thing you’ve read this year?
The Hamilton biography by Chernow and the Ms. Marvel comics.
11. Please tell your favorite library puke story.

Haven’t had one yet. #blessed

12. If you were a book, which genre would you be categorized in and why?

Nonfiction, probably in the 305s because that’s all I ever talk and read about, or graphic novels/comics because I’m different but should still be counted as a legitimate literary form.


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