Mystery To-do List

Anybody else feel like you’ve been waiting all year just for October? October is my favorite month, and not just because there’s a holiday on the very last day (the perfect time of any month to schedule a holiday, since you get to spend the entire month anticipa750b3e3a48aeed9c76a65c7d73620cb7ting it) that involves dressing up, eating chocolate, and finding ways to scare yourself. There’s just something about that perfect fall weather, when the evenings are cool, magical, nostalgic, and full of mystery. We’ve been celebrating the classic mystery genre with Orem Reads programs every Tuesday and Thursday at the library, but there are all kinds of mysterious things at the library you can do at any time. Here’s a handy to-do list to keep you mystery-happy all through October:

  1. Solve our Mystery Scavenger Hunt, a whodunnit involving library suspects (and a prize at the end if you guess the right culprit!). You can pick up a scavenger hunt sheet at the Children’s Desk or the General Reference Desk.
  2. Visit our Blind Date with a Mystery Book display in the South Wing. The books are wrapped so you can’t see the titles, but the opening line of each book is written on the outside.
  3. Pick a mystery novel to read using our mystery flowchart in the September/October newsletter.
  4. Check out the website and find mysteries indexed by many different categories, including author, genre, location, diversity, job title, and more.
  5. Read your free copy of Classic Mystery Stories edited by Douglas G. Greene (which we are giving away after every Orem Reads program) and share your favorite with us by emailing
  6. Play the Library Movie Game with the film collection, or just with the mystery section. Either way, mystery movie night!
  7. Check out our author interviews with Josi Kilpack, author of a 12-book culinary mystery series, and Mette Ivie Harrison, author of The Bishop’s Wife, an adult mystery set in Draper, Utah, about a Mormon bishop’s wife who becomes an amateur detective to investigate a missing woman. Harrison will also be speaking about her Mormon mystery series as part of Orem Reads on Tuesday, October 4, at 7 pm.
  8. Re-visit some mystery childhood favorites or get your kids hooked on mystery too with some of the books on this top ten list.

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