Free Book at Orem Reads: Classic Mystery Stories

51qja0nyowlEvery year at our annual Orem Reads programs, we give away a featured book to encourage library patrons to explore, learn about, and engage with a particular theme or subject as individuals, families, and a community. This year’s book pays tribute to some of the greatest names in mystery fiction with a collection of 13 mystery classics that includes Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” widely acknowledged as the first detective story; Charles Dickens’ “Three Detective Anecdotes,” in which a policeman is the detective-hero; Jack London’s “The Leopard Man’s Story,” featuring an unusually grisly but plausible murder method; as well as tales by Wilkie Collins, Jacques Futrelle, Gelett Burgess, Susan Glaspell, E. C. Bentley, Baroness Orczy, Samuel Hopkins Adams, Meville Davisson Post, Rodrigues Ottolengui, and H. C. Bailey.

You can pick up a copy of Classic Mystery Stories at either of the following two Orem Reads programs:

October 25, Tuesday

7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing

Orem Reads: Edgar Allan Poe in Film and Literature

Dennis Perry and Carl Sederholm, Brigham Young University professors and the authors of Adapting Poe, will discuss the many faces of Poe in popular culture over the last hundred years, as well as the American author’s impact on the mystery genre.

October 27, Thursday

7:00 PM / Storytelling Wing

Orem Reads Finale: Library Clue

A terrible crime has been committed in the library! Bring your friends and family to track down clues throughout the library, make notes, and engage in the intrigue of the classic board game Clue in three dimensions. But beware, there may be a killer lurking in the stacks…




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