Circus Mirandus

circus-mirandus Most first-time authors receive rejection after rejection when they try to break into the publishing world. Not Cassie Beasley.

When she went looking for a publishing house for her first novel, Circus Mirandus, she ended up in a five publisher bidding war. She was immediately able to sell film and TV rights to the story. The book received rave reviews and Newbery buzz when it was released.

And it’s a book that actually lives up to the hype.

In this sweet story, Fifth-grader Micah Tuttle lives with his beloved grandpa, who tells him magical stories about his childhood visit to Circus Mirandus. When Grandpa Ephraim becomes dangerously ill, Micah wonders if the stories are true and might just be the key to saving him. With his classmate Jenny Mendoza, Micah sets off on a search for the circus and a powerful magician who owes Ephraim a miracle. This beautifully written middle-grade novel is full of wonder and emotion, and I can’t recommend it highly enough


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