Staff Favorites: The Red Tent

the-red-tentThe Red Tent, 2014

I checked out this movie because I saw it has like 100 cast members from Game of Thrones in it, not to mention Inara from Firefly, which you should definitely have already watched by now, and Elizabeth from The White Queen, which you must also see if you like TV shows that suck you in and make you care deeply and passionately about who is going to be the next king of England. Also, it’s about one of the most messed up and yet most enthralling Biblical stories ever, the history of Jacob and his family, seen through the eyes of his only daughter Dinah. It is long, but I urge you to watch it the whole way through. The cast is excellent. The story is exciting, romantic, tragic, and never dull. It isn’t interested in being 100% historically accurate or overtly religious, but it does have some very excellent insights about finding a way to respect both your own and others’ traditions and values, and healing family ties through love and forgiveness. It’s also quite refreshing to get a modern-ish, hints of Game of Thrones-ish, feminist-ish take on a very disturbing and male-centered story. Final note: watch at your own peril while hyped up on hormones because there is a lot of midwifing and baby-talk and pregnancy-related stuff going on and anyone who is baby-crazy better beware.

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