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Teen Fiction

the-boomerang-effect The Boomerang Effect, Gordon Jack

Because of his string of pranks, Lawrence Barry is one step away from reform school unless he agrees to mentor Spencer Knudsen, a Norwegian exchange student with Spock-like intelligence but no social skills. During Homecoming week, someone dressed as the school’s Viking mascot starts destroying the homecoming floats, and Lawrence becomes suspect #1. As the situation spirals out of control, he realizes that Spencer may be his best friend — the one he never knew he needed.

merrow Merrow, Ananda Braxton-Smith

Enduring whispers about her absent mother’s alleged merrow origins after her father drowns, twelve-year-old Neen questions her identity as she becomes increasingly torn between the worlds of the sea and her island home.

saving-hamlet Saving Hamlet, Molly Booth

Emma Allen is excited to be starting her sophomore year as assistant stage manager for the drama club’s production of Hamlet; her crush Brandon is directing. But when Emma is promoted to stage manager with no experience, her best friend Lulu stops talking to her, and Josh, the lead, turns out to be a disaster. Then Emma distractedly falls through the stage’s trap door… and lands in the basement of the Globe Theater in 1601. With no clue how to get home, Emma gamely plays her role as backstage assistant to the original production of Hamlet, learns a thing or two about the theater, and meets an incredibly hot actor named Alex. In which reality does she belong? And can she possibly save two disastrous productions of Hamlet before time runs out?

Picture Books

if-snowflakes-tasted-like-fruitcaek If Snowflakes Tasted Like Fruitcake, Stacey Previn

Imagines the results if snowflakes tasted like different things, such as sugar plums, oatmeal, or noodle soup.


shmelf-the-hanukkah-elf Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf, Greg Wolfe

When Shmelf, one of Santa’s elves, learns that Jewish children do not celebrate Christmas, he investigates and learns all about Hanukkah, then gets a special new task from Santa.

the-day-santa-stopped-believing-in-harold The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold, Maureen Fergus

Santa Claus stops believing that Harold, a small child, exists, and comes up with a plan to find out once and for all if Harold is real.


the-christmas-project The Christmas Project, DR 19450

For the Buckley brothers, payback almost always wins over brotherly love – unless they are working together against the Hagbarts, the meanest bullies at school. But now Mrs. Buckley has decided that the Buckley family is going to “Elve” the Hagbarts for their Christmas project this year, and the Buckley boys can hardly stand it.

saturdays-warrior Saturday’s Warrior: The Motion Picture, MU 19039

With music by Lex de Azevedo and book and lyrics by Doug Stewart, Saturday’s Warrior is based on the idea that we existed before we were born into this life, that we had relationships with, and maybe even made promises to, those we would be sharing our earthly journey with. It is also the age-old story of the prodigal son who struggles with his faith as he faces peer pressure and the social issues of the day.

hell-or-high-water Hell or High Water, DR 19452

A divorced West Texas dad and his ex-con brother resort to a desperate money making scheme in order to save their family’s farm from foreclosure.


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