Your Christmas Shopping List

Christmas shopping is the best/worst. I sure do love giving and getting gifts, but the actual shopping part can be rushed and stressful and difficult with all the hustle and bustle going on. If you haven’t quite finished your Christmas shopping yet, no worries! We’ve got you covered.

For your adventure and fantasy-loving kids, check out the Five Kingdom series by Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series (and also The Candy Shop War, which I absolutely adored because hello, MAGIC PLUS CANDY).img_5140

For older kids/tweens who saw the movie The Jungle Book and are excited about animals and jungle life, there’s this lovely title by Rudyard Kipling.

For your teenage Sherlock wanna-be who enjoys those re-told fairy tale books or who wants toimg_5143 be an actor or a crime fighter or a writer some day, here’s a fantastic suspenseful book with lots of scariness, excellent storytelling, and good characters. You really should check out all the Echo Falls mystery books by Peter Abrahams because they are awesome (and personally, I like them better than the adult novels I’ve tried by him).

Know any teens (or adults) who like those YA scifi/fantasy dystopia series with super talented or unique kids who go on dangerous quests or defeat evil governments? Try Shannon Hale’s Dangerous, in which aspirinimg_5144g astronaut Maisie Danger Brown, who was born without a right hand, and other students attend a NASA-like summer boot camp and end up uncovering a world-changing conspiracy. This is an exciting, humor-filled book with some great twists and turns and really interesting plotlines. I really enjoyed it and I’m a grown woman in my late 20s, for crying out loud.

There are two books in the book sale that I want very very badly. This was the first. If you have a baby, you need this bookimg_5157. It’s called B is for Breakdancing Bear. It’s bright, colorful, includes crazy animals with adjectives doing alphabetical actions, and is a board book. If you know me, please get me this book. (If you don’t know me, please also get me this book?)

We’ve got a drawing and sketching set for the budding artist in your family. It includes a 64-page project book, 6 drawing pencils, drawing paper, conté crayon, charcoal pencil, bow compass, multi-purpose template, artist’s triangle, blending stump, sharpener, sandpaper block, a kimg_5145neaded eraser, a rubber eraser, and an acetate grid. Nifty.

For the person in your family who most loves to laugh or who is in most need of a good laugh, there’s Never Sniff a Gift Fish by Patrick F. McManus, possibly the funniest writer I’ve ever come across. McManus writes about hunting, fishing, and life in the wild in the dryest, wryest manner imaginable. His stories are perfect for reading out loud or silently, but expect the laughter to be sudden, explosive, and loud because he is that good. Do not read with milk unless you want it to come out of your nose.

Three more kids books that you need in your life/the lives of your grandchildren/children/future children:

Mr. Prickles: A Quill-Fated Love Story: Meet Mr. Prickles, a lonely porcupine who feels rejected by his friends and turns prickly “on the inside,” until he happens to meets the very intriguing Miss Pointyparts.

The Magic of Opposites: Do you remember those invisible flaps in books that you could move over to change the scenery of a picture or see the ancient/present views of ruins? This book uses that method to teach kids about opposites. The drawings are also extremely cute.

There’s No Such thing as Little: A very visual and dynamic book, which takes images that appear to be one thing and transforms them into something bigger, more imaginative, and fantastic than you would think. I loved the bright, big, beautiful illustrations, the fun of the little peepholes and turning the page to see what the small/little object would turn into, and the message of the book, of course, which was about how things can be more significant than they seem.


For the shy, introverted, but so creative and thirsty for experience/interaction/exploration child/teen/adult in your life, get this book. This is the second book from the book sale that I wanted as soon as I laid eyes on it. There are pages of ideas, prompts, quotes, lists, and exercises that will keep you busy and creative for ages. It’s a great way to get to know yourself better and to find things to share with others. Here’s just one to get you intrigued: What Excites You? Do more of that. What Drains You? Do less of that. You might be interested to know that the author wrote this book, which I am now going to check out.

For anybody else we missed on  your list, there are many more books at our holiday sale from adult fiction and nonfiction (including some cooking books, crafting books, crossword puzzle books, and some adult coloring books) to teen fiction to junior fiction to children’s picture books and activity kits, sticker books, etc. We’re also selling “Get Sorted at Orem Library” Harry Potter House T-shirts ($15 for adults, $10 for children) and Orem Library bookbags for $6. And of course, there’s our monthly book sale with a huge variety of titles and genres for low prices. We hope you’ll stop by, find some great bargains, support the library, and enjoy your Christmas shopping!



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