Best of the Blog 2016

It’s been quite a year, folks. Let’s take a look back at all the things that happened over the course of 2016 through the eyes of the OPL blog.

We got January off to an excellent, traditional start by sharing what we read and loved in 2015 (which feels forever ago now, doesn’t it?). As you’ll recall, we were all still a bit Star Wars-obsessed after The Force Awakens, but made time for other things too like celebrating National Tell a Fairy Tale Day and finding good horror films for people who don’t watch horror films. We also found new uses for food other than eating possibly because we were completely stuffed after this program about chocolate.

In March we had our Research Revolution series and a pie contest, the results of which are still hotly debated to this day by exactly nobody. Also one of us had a baby! That baby became famous on the blog by wearing this sweater made from a library book. And then she grew up about 8 months and wore the sweater again and it fit.

In April Christopher O’Riley came to the library! Also, one of us got rather lucky and took a trip to the United Kingdom. We were all pretty jealous, but these Parisian waffles helped tide us over. In May the Library got a new vinyl collection and we reminded people of terrifying villains and school, which could almost be the same thing.

Summer finally rolled around, and with it came a lot of fun posts, like the one celebrating Marilee’s birthday with her favorite books, some great hiking books, our favorite movie kisses (and the sequel, bad movie kisses), things we’ve learned from books, and the Library Movie Game. We had an Olympics-themed Summer Reading with a ton of athletic, energetic, and informative programs. We also made patriotic cake and this delicious smoothie.

But all too soon, it was August and time for back to school reading, reading about readers who love reading, and Pokemon. Oh yes, remember all the Pokemon? So. Many. Pokemon.

Poketember was the next month, I believe, and we celebrated Banned Books Week and made Ben & Jerry’s French Vanilla ice cream because there is NO WRONG TIME OF YEAR TO HAVE ICE CREAM, PEOPLE. We also had our Orem Reads Kickoff with Anne Perry, one of our most popular programs of the year, in which we gave away free copies of a collection of mystery stories. One of our favorite mystery-themed programs this year was the Library Escape Room. We got really into the mystery murder theme and even started combining unusual things with our murder like devil’s food cake and soufflé. We all had a Happy Halloween and decided to continue the witchy/wizardy theme by bringing in the first wizard rock band, Harry and the Potters, and eating food and finding books that reminded us of Harry Potter.

The highlight of November, of course, was Thanksgiving, which we celebrated with the greatest imaginary Thanksgiving dinner ever, and a post on why we are thankful for libraries.

What do you know? Here we are at the end of December, and we’ve introduced you to our top ten Santas, oohed and aahed over this Christmas Movie Advent Calendar from our Media librarians, and planned your Christmas shopping list (we hope it was helpful). We’ve also highlighted a few staff favorite Christmasy items for your winter reading.

If we missed one of your favorite posts, share it in the comments. Here’s looking forward to a fantastic year of 2017 blog posts with even more books, recipes, crafts, movies, programs, and subjectively handsome actors! Happy New Year!



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