Staff Favorites: You Will Know Me

you-will-know-meYou Will Know Me, Megan Abbott

For Orem Reads, I really wanted to read a psychological thriller. Something Gone Girl-y, full of dark secrets and hidden pasts, and so addictive and riveting I wouldn’t be able to put it down even though I had a baby and needed every minute of the five hours of sleep I would be lucky to get that night. And friends, this was that book. You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott hooked me from the first page. The story is about two obsessive parents and their extraordinarily talented, competitive gymnast daughter, and all the dark, unpleasant things happening beneath the surface of their quest for Olympic gold. It doesn’t feel particularly like a “mystery” to me, but there is so much suspense and tension running throughout the story as the wife uncovers things she didn’t know about her husband, her daughter, her daughter’s coach, and so on. And there’s a murder too, but you probably already assumed that. Anyway, if you need a fast-paced twisted-up crazy-drama murder mystery in your life (who doesn’t, really?), this is for you. – Ruth


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