The Voice of the Turtle

the-voice-of-the-turtleThe Voice of the Turtle, CO 19238

The Voice of the Turtle is an unpretentious wartime comedy about a woman (Eleanor Parker, before her blonde Sound of Music days) who’s had enough of men. Just getting out of a relationship that was obviously censored by the power that were, she takes pity on a soldier on leave (a pre-political Ronald Reagan) and allows him to take her out for an evening on the town. Under the guise of fulfilling her patriotic duty, she continues the relationship which frustrates his old flame and her old pal (played by Eve Arden with glorious aplomb). There are problems with teapots, zippers, auditions, communication and the f-word (feelings) but it all works out in the end—providing a gently amusing experience reminiscent of a Jimmy Stewart comedy. – Chrisianne


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