belgraviaBelgravia, Julian Fellowes

If you miss Downton Abbey or have never gotten over Matthew’s death, this book is for you! This one is set in the 1840’s  after the Battle of Waterloo against the hated “Bonny” Bonaparte.  Two wealthy families from different social backgrounds find out they have  more in the common than they thought and that  their position in society, which is most important to them, is at stake. Julian Fellowes is such a fantastic master storyteller! While listening to the last disc, I was actually nervous because of the suspenseful  danger to some of the characters.  Reader Juliet Stevenson does a tremendous job fleshing out the characters. Each has  his/her distinctive voice and personality. I would love Mr. Fellowes to bring this to life as a TV series, although it’s so established in my mind already, there’s always the fear of disappointment. But I would have an open mind! – Nathalie, Circulation


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