Staff Favorites: I Confess

i-confessI Confess, MY 3545

I just watched I Confess with Montgomery Clift, a film about a Catholic priest named father Logan, a young holy man, who is accused of a murder that he did not commit.  He cannot divulge the true identity of the murderer, because the perpetrator comes to him in confession.  Father Logan is judged wrongfully by the church and the public, but bares his sentence with a patience that makes him truly holy.

I Confess is an Alfred Hitchcock creation, and I was blown away by the acting, the setting, and the plot line! People don’t make movies like this anymore.  I would give this film five stars! It’s definitely a show worth watching over a bowl of popcorn, curled up all nice and cozy in pajamas! It was suspenseful, engaging, and thought provoking.  These are the kinds of movies that I enjoy best! – Shai Kitchen, Circulation


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