Art Walk and Talk: High School Art Show

I love seeing the art shows that circulate through the library. They always give me something to think about and draw me in for a closer look. Sometimes I like to do an “Art Walk and Talk,” or a walk-through of the show with a pen and paper to jot down thoughts and impressions that strike me as I view the pieces. Here are my thoughts on some of my favorite pieces from our current show, a variety of student work selected by high school art teachers from Timpanogos, Orem, and Mountain View High Schools.IMG_5963

The first piece that I couldn’t stop looking at was “Midnight Road Trip” by Makayla Warnick of Mountain View High School. It’s a mixed media creation with lots of textures and layers and it felt so alive due to the 3D aspect. I love how realistic yet fantastic this scene feels and how simple and ordinary the mediums and shapes are. It’s mostly gray, but it feels full of life and color and depth.IMG_5965

Next I was intrigued by “Medusa” by Kaz Milne of Timpanogos High School. Looking at this piece of art felt like gazing into a pool. I love the use of shadows and shading, plus the sculpture-like, stony countenance of the figure whose gaze supposedly turns all who look into stone.IMG_5966

I really like portraits. I can’t help wanting to know more about the individuals depicted and what their expressions say about their personalities, lifestyles, experiences, etc. This one, “Mornings” by Rachel Cole of Mountain View High School, made me smile, sympathize, and reflect on how we have both positive and negative reactions towards mornings, and how a single look can represent both of these.IMG_5969

“American” by Aubrey Veylupek seemed like such an interesting piece. I loved the bright colors and smorgasbord, collage-feel that drew me in from a far distance. It seemed exactly like the sort of painting my baby would want to try to eat. Up-close it was even more interesting, but it also got more complicated, almost too loud, and a little disturbing (the gun next to Santa Claus, in particular). Definitely one of my very favorites of the show.IMG_5974

This piece, “Window to my Brian” by Dani Fairbourne of Timpanogos High School, had such an imaginative, storybook vibe. I love the concept and all the little scenes depicted.


The last piece I want to give a shout-out to is this one: “My Reality” by Annie Graham of Timpanogos High School. This one looks very simple and I absolutely love it, down to the Elizabeth Bennet hairstyle and the pages from To Kill a Mockingbird on the background. As soon as I saw it, I thought, “This one’s perfect for the library.” I also like the idea of the mind as a library. Now I’m thinking about which books I keep in my brain library and which ones I am recalling most often.IMG_5982

Next time you’re at the library, be sure to check out the art show for yourself and find a piece that speaks to you. The show will be on display in the Children’s Wing until May 1.


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