Staff Favorites: A Higher Call Higher Call by Adam Makos: This book is really how it is described–An incredible true story of combat and chivalry in WWII and the chivalry came from the usually unlikely realm of a German fighter pilot. The key was that he did not belong to the Nazi party and he was a believer who carried his rosary at all times, even after he was booted out of the Catholic Church, for no fault of his own. The story is primarily the one of Franz Stigler, who shows mercy to American Charlie Brown and his crew, flying a disabled bomber and who feels this “higher call” to help them avoid Nazi fire power and get back to their base in England. It is true that war is hell and that there are some good men on both sides of the conflict. Look for a very funny anecdote on how to tell if a German soldier is a Nazi, sent to spy on other German soldiers. Adam Makos does an amazing job at bringing to life combat missions and rescues as well as incredible near death experiences. A do not miss book! –Nathalie, Circulation Staff


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